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ROTA is a Gravity Bending Puzzle Platformer with a 1-Bit Art Style and LoFi Hip-Hop Soundtrack, to be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The main puzzle mechanic in ROTA is the ability to manipulate the gravity of yourself, and other objects.

The Soundtrack of ROTA can be described as LoFi Hip-Hop. It is designed to be a very relaxing soundtrack. The chill music direction is aimed towards a more focused puzzle solving experience for the player.

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Very good game, challenging and well implemented. Congrats!


Looking forward to a completed project.

Hi Haretro! All your games are super fun!

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Super fun game, really enjoying it so far! My only thing is I think it would greatly help to have controller support for some of those really fast reflex moments, maybe its just me but trying to hit the block to the side right after hitting it up into the air is kinda difficult on keyboard. Anyways, really excited to play the full game when it eventually releases! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Thanks for playing and making a video! I am definitely going to include controller support in the full game, but I may release a demo update with it as well!


haretro this game is awesome! all your games are! and your itch.io page too! great job, man! (p.s: thanks for joining PixelWeekendJam#2)

Thank you! And pixel weekend jam was a lot of fun! I'm glad I could participate 😀

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Love the way, as how this game is made. Love the simple pixel artwork! This game is pretty tough game, when you try to think what you must do (as i did lost the arrow block many times haha). But does work pretty soon, whenever i get the idea what to do.

I got this on my mind by the way, i was thinking this would get more items to pick (example like keys to open locked doors) as that really would be great. Or anything else what really puts something more good on the game! (i really do have many ideas on puzzle games, but keep it simple buddy!)

I really hope this game really goes on the top, and i hope others will love this game for sure! Good luck on the Kickstarter, as always, stay in good work. :)


It is an extremely cool concept of a game. the game is well built and well developed. although being a tough game -explaining why i was unable to finish the game- it is also a very fun game to play. good luck on kickstarter, Im sure this game has a good future amongst  gamers.


if only it was on windows....

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right now it's only available for windows


This was a challenging game. So much so that I did not beat it. Think I got to level 6 or something and then I had no idea what to do with that arrow box in the corner. Very cool game though. Good luck on Kickstarter.

Thank you!!


Played through the demo on my channel, feels really solid! Wish you luck on your Kickstarter!

Thank you!


A clever idea requiring some timing skills.